Vita--- German
Markus Frings - Aachen artist

Curriculum vitae.

Markus Frings, German painter (* February 17, 1972)
Aachen). He has started at an early stage (1989)
(Photo-Link) to present his work to the public in exhibitions
and has thus begun his artistic career.

In the mid-nineties, Markus Frings has, besides his artistic
activities, run the Gallery 13 in Aachen where among others

also artists such as Hartmut Ritzerfeld and Angelika Kühnen
had their paintings on display. After having accomplished
vocational training as a locksmith he absolved a course of
studies (autonomous art) at the Academy of Education in
Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Afterwards, the modern art, mixed with the influence of
autonomous art became more and more apparent in his
works. Examples of this are, for instance, the series
“building complex”, around 2005-2007, and “Chocolate man” (2008).

Dazzling colours and an environment which seems to be
unrealistic have meanwhile become the hallmark of his
works. His paintings have been shown, among others, in the
Stadsgalerij Heerlen 2006/2007 in The Netherlands and also
in the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum Aachen 2008.
Markus Frings German painter Aachen
artistic work

1989 first public exhibitions and the start of my artistic

1991 exhibition in the Kremerhaus in Aachen with
Wolfgang Leiterholz „Bildergedichte - Gedichtsbilder“

- Presse Aachener Nachrichten
Micky Jump by Markus Frings Aachener Künstler

1992 individual exhibition in the Kremerhaus
1993-1994 applications various academies of art

1995 Running of Gallery 13 with atelier. Exhibitions with
artists such as Hartmut Ritzerfeld. Angelika Kühnen,
Petra Etschenberg and many others, inclusive a permanent
exhibition of my works.

- Example: Action rainbow warrior
- Presse Aachener Nachrichten

1996 „la-Tenda“ The event Tent Art, exhibition with
30 Aachen artists

1996 individual exhibition in the Berufsförderungszentrum,


1998 individual exhibition in the Cafe Kreta, Aachen

1998 individual exhibition in the Cafe WABE, Aachen

2002 exhibition in the tower block “Painting and Music

2003 individual exhibition of my prints in the K&K, Aachen

Open Air Exhibition in
Nykobing-Mors, Denmark

Final exams exhibition at the Academy of Education
in Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht, The Netherlands

22 Oct. 2005
participation in the 1. Leverkusen art night 2005 in the

10 Dec 2005
participation in the annual art auction in the
NAK Aachen
Neuer Aachener Kunstverein

11 Dec.–15 Jan. 2006 art exhibition
in the arts centre in Sittard, The Netherlands
Der Künstler markus Frings

Jan. 2006 Enlistment in the Bund-Bildenden-Künstler
(Federal Association of Artists of the Fine Arts)
- BBK-Aachen

20-21 May Art Tour 2006 in Maastricht

28 July18 Aug group exhibition in the Glaspalais
Heerlen NL

12-13 Aug „“Heimvorteil – home field advantage“
group exhibition in Aachen

9 Dec - 25 Feb 2007
Stadsgalerij Heerlen Projektruimte - 2

2008 - 17.10.- 26.10.2008
Exhibition in the
Suermondt Ludwig Forum Aachen

- Parasiten 08 Art Route Aachen

2009 Neuer Aachener Kunstverein
Arts auction in the NAK Aachen

- 26.03 - 16.04.2011
BBK-Gallery Aachen-Arkaden
Group exhibition IV topic: "Landscapes"
Trierer Straße 1 / Aachen Stadt
----------------myArt minitelevision
myART minitelevision  der Künstler Markus Frings in den Aachen Arkaden Galerie BBK 2011
BBK-Gallery Aachen-Arkaden
Group exhibition IV topic: "Landscapes"

selected by the ABK Maastricht for the participation
in the
„Interprint 2003“ 05. -11..Oktober 2003
Stoors Amerika Treff at the
University of Connecticut /USA
among others, lecturers and students from 14 nations,
incl. 1 week workshop, diverse print techniques
----------------myArt minitelevision
myART minitelevision  Der Künstler Markus Frings beim  Stoors America Treff at the University of Connecticut USA 2003
Interprint 2003“ /Stoors Amerika
Lecturers and students from 14 nation