Der Webtour Bus von Markus Frings im Hof 1 vor dem Domkeller Aachen. Was hat das zu bedeuten?
Domkeller Aachen--- German

Markus Frings - Aachen artist

"Series America“ and “Series Apple
alias "Planet Terror“ by Markus Frings in a
permanent exhibition from March 31, 2011
until summer of 2011 in the Domkeller, Aachen.

The Aachen artist Markus Frings presents work from
his “Series America“ and “Series Apple“ in Aachen’s
famous traditional pub Domkeller.
Markus Frings Apple Serie im Domkeller Aachen Hof 1 The impression of the "radiating food” in connection
with his “Series Americas” should give the observer
some food for thought.

Hof 1 - 52062 Aachen
opening times:
Sunday till Thursday. 10:00 until 02:00 r
Friday and Saturday. 10:00 until 03:00 h
apple day 04 im Domkeller Aachen 2011
apple day 04 / planet terror - Format: 70x 120 cm - oil on canvas

myArt minitelevision

myART minitelevision Ausstellung im Domkeller des Aachener Künstlers Markus Frings mit den Werken Planet Terror and Serie America 2011
Exhibition Domkeller Aachen 2011
Exhibition Markus Frings, Aachen artist
Paintings Planet Terror and Series America