Welcome German
Markus Frings - Aachen artist

It is both an honour and a joy to welcome you on my website
www.markusfrings-modernart.de and to present my work

The art-interested public is already using this possibility to be
always informed about the current status of my work and

So come along with me on my personal web tour, here in the
network on www.markusfrings-modernart.de
Markus Frings deutscher Maler (* 17 Februar 1972) arbeitet und lebt in Aachen.
On my web pages you will find a selection of my work, you can
read about my background and you will receive information
about what will take place where and when or about what has
already taken place.

Page navigation is on the left side of my work. And now, please
enjoy! Just enjoy browsing through my website and if you like it
tell your friends about it. I will always inform about current
exhibitions and events.

You want to see my paintings?
Please visit my public exhibitions.
If you want to buy one of my paintings just contact me directly.
We will arrange a personal meeting.

Your Markus Frings, Aachen artist.